My food photo click

Hi everyone, Here I will share my food picture, angle and the gear I used to take pictures. I recently added Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro lens. I was really desperate of buying one. The day I shot with this lens I am in love with it. It cost me around $309. It was my old prime lenses I was shooting to date. I had lenses which were compatible for Nikon D90 which we had previously and I was unaware of that we had Nikon D750 which my husband bought the year it was released, I always considered it as D90. ( No knowledge of camera you know) and when then I came to know the lens were a big shortfall for performance. It worked fine, but my expectations were too high.

Did a lot of research and came to conclusion about lens for food photography. Thanks to my husband who believe the passion and skills in me which I m trying to achieve. He sponsored this lens for me. Thanks, Hubby!!!

As I was going to share behind the scene of food photography, definitely try to get a picture for the interested pals.

Ok so, This is the page where I will update my food photography picture and post editing used for the picture. I am not master and have not achieved any course or education on food photography, it’s just I am sharing my knowledge what I have gained by self-learning. If you come across anything which you find incorrect. Please feel free to share. I am still in the learning phase.

The first picture I took with 90mm macro, f2.8 macro lens was this

DSC_0699aloo palak.jpg

I took this picture with 90mm, f 2.8 ISO 200. Below is the edited version. I decreased the warm balance.

DSC_0701aloo palak1.jpg

Today August 21,2018. I tried practicing on Tamron 90mm, f 2.8 lens. I keep ISO lowest possible. This setup is near my kitchen window. The timings when I captured this pictures was 3.00 pm and today was a bit cloudy day so there was no harsh light.


These are the roman tomatoes, but look how post editing makes difference. Lightroom CC is the software I edit my pictures into. I have edited the first picture of tomatoes into the red to show you all that even if you edit perfectly sometimes to keep the colors to natural shade will make your picture real. The second picture is the example.







On Friday, August 24, 2018, I bought grapes for practicing photography but was not able to take pictures the whole Friday and Saturday afternoon. I took a few pictures randomly at 2.30 pm. Took pictures with my new Tamron lens 90mm, f 5.6 ISO 200 at 1/80 sec. Have taken pictures with different distance and angle as well.



27 August 2018, Its just a day as every day, but today I didn’t cook something to post a recipe or take pictures for my blog but was a day to get into practice on my new lens Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro lens. I am still exploring the best to take pictures with this lens and trying my best to get best out of it.

For the below pictures I took pictures on ISO200, shutter speed1/60, f4.

I love taking pictures of Indian spices. They have so many textures, shapes, color, and rawness. which my lens is able to capture. Different angle makes a huge difference in color shadows and highlights. Lightroom CC makes very easy to balance all while post editing, definitely your picture should be perfect at first place.