Aloo Wadi ( Colacassia Leaves fritters)


Colocasia is the leaves which are huge in size and shape like an elephant ear. Many different recipes are made throughout India. In Maharashtra, few different types of curry and snack are made from this leaves. The recipe I made is a snack usually made in Gujrat and Maharashtra state.

The procedure making wadi is rolling of Colacassia leaves coated with gram flour and steamed and then fried. This is one of the authentic recipes made in India.

Let’s have a look at what ingredients make this wadi so tasty.


6 to 7 huge colacassia leaves( remove vein of the leave, slice directly till the end. Leave should be intact)

2 cup of besan (gram flour)

1 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tsp red chili powder

2 to 3 tsp tamarind pulp Or lemon juice

2 tsp green chili and garlic paste


Salt to taste.


  • Mix gram flour and rest of the ingredients with water and make a thick batter, except leaves.
  • Apply batter on leaves evenly and place another leaf on it.
  • Apply batter on the second layer and place another leave.
  • If leaves are too big then make a layer of three or four leaves.
  • Apply batter on the last leave and start rolling it tightly. Fold both the side edges inward and then roll.
  • Make same with the remaining leaves.
  • Two to three rolled rolls are formed.


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