Sabudana Wada


Sabudana means Sago, It’s a fasting food in India. Many dishes can be made with Sabudana such as Kheer, Thalipeeth, Khicdi and more. I made this today for Breakfast. I don’t usually fast, so it doesn’t give me chance to make Sabudana dishes. I have made this Sabudana Vada, typically eaten during fasting time. Very simple, Crispy from outside and soft from inside. I haven’t use any other ingredients which are not considered to be eaten during fasting, therefore feel free to cook this without hesitation.


2 cup soaked Sago( wash and keep water only to immerse sago and keep it for 3 to 4 hrs or till soft.)

2 large sized boiled potato. ( smashed)

1/2 cup grounded roasted peanuts.

2 to 3 green chili chopped

1 tsp cumin seeds(optional)

Coriander chopped ( optional)

salt to taste

a bowl of water

Oil enough to deep fry



  • Mix soaked sabudana, roasted peanuts, green chili, and mashed potato. Mix well and let everything incorporate.
  • Make small balls and make a flat round. Make sure these rounds should not contain crack if occurs dip your palm in water and then try making rounds of the mixed sabudana dough.
  • Heat oil in kadai, sufficient enough to deep fry.
  • Deep fry flat balls of sabudana till golden brown from both the side on medium to high flame.
  • Done!! enjoy eating with yogurt or curd or chutneys you like.


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