A Short date


This was a day busy as usual, as I got up in the morning and had a list in front of my eyes. I just washed my face and hurried to drop my daughter to school. Came back and had to drop my husband at the train station. It is not too far from my place but, yes walking it takes almost 15 to 20 mins, which he wanted to avoid. Hmmm.

So even though I am trying to catch the day and spend according to my preference, it doesn’t work that way. So when I came back I hurried to start cooking and was thinking of the plan, what to cook so can have pictures and recipe to post. By 10.00 am my daughter texted saying “I m done mom, come to pick me up”. Leaving all the work behind I drove to school. Came back and started continuing my food job. Sometimes it gets difficult and worse to manage all the piled up schedule at once. In the US, I can just imagine a single mom’s life struggling between the job and her children. Theirs no helping hand here.

I finished my food cooking and wanted to make an envelope for my daughter’s friend birthday. So it was an order from my daughter to make it before she leaves for a birthday party. I finished my breakfast…… lunch. Ok, say Brunch. It was almost 12.00 noon without breakfast that day. And went upstairs to start with an envelope. Below is the one I did. I love making quilling stuff and interested in crafts too.


Took picture considering to share ideas with you all. OK, so this is an envelope in which she put in a gift card as a gift.

She started getting ready for the party and I busy with other household stuff. Then came an order ” Mom take my pictures, get your camera soon.” Uffffffffffffffffff. Let my work incomplete and wanted a reason to get my camera in hand, the following was the result.



Yes, she is my daughter Khushi. She is so confident that she knows her mom is not perfect but can achieve better results or so. I am going to try portrait photography with her and her friends soon. Will be posting pictures soon once done.

The party was at 6.30 pm, but my duty was to make sure she reaches by 6.15 pm. I got dress changed and was just leaving and I received a call from my husband that if you are on the way to drop her, pick me from the train station and will move further. OK, sir!!!!

We went to the station and from the station to the birthday venue my husband Rahul drove the car. He knows I hate driving to traffic places. The venue was Chilli’s grill and bar 1655, Oaktree road. We dropped her at the venue and looked for a place to get fresh Indian tea. Oaktree is full of Indian stores and more. It was not difficult. but for a tea, no compromise. We end up here, searching the nearby area and found this location near to the Birthday Venue named Royal Paan.

As it takes around 30 mins from my place till here, again to come to pick her up was a hateful task. Rahul said, “we too need to spend time, let’s go for a date”. LOL. My date at Royal Paan. LOL. I am not laughing because of the date we were going to attend but at the place name, “Royal Paan” sounded funny.

We entered this Royal Paan, it was OK kind of place with numbers on the table raised by a pole at a certain limit.  The table was of Steel countertop and red chairs. Very few customers and relaxing and hanging out kind of place. But one thing I noticed was at the left corner they had this counter full of paan, which looked incredibly good. I asked the boy standing to the inner side of the counter, That to take picture of overall setup if permitted, he said go ahead not a problem.

These are a few pictures I was able to take. Meanwhile, my husband ordered Vada Paav as it is my favorite snack I always liked and will like forever.


Vada Paav is a food which if remains simple, taste good as heaven, that’s what I feel. Nowadays Vada Paav definition is changed to a certain extent, and I am sure the taste of Vada Paav in India and the US is much different. The Paav was literally dabbed in butter and vada had no taste cause of no salt. Sorry I am not giving any review on Royal Paan’s food. It is just my opinion about how Vada Paav should not be. I will be coming up with the Vada Paav recipe soon for this matter. One plate cost $6, which had two vada paav and green and red chutney.

At last the main hero of the story arrived on our table “Chai”. Tea


which looked like this. Ultimately the desire of chai was fulfilled and my half glass of chai was transferred to my husband’s glass. A usual fan of chai. LOL

Then came this paan, ” Royal Paan”. Which was extremely good, for me a sweet one and for him no sweet, he asked for Calcutta paan or so, I guess. This was the end of my date day. We spend almost two hours in Royal Paan with no clue what we will do inside except ordering a tea. So was my short unplanned date.

Have you guys ever had such an unplanned date?. Please comment.