Chickpea salad.(Maharashtrian style)


Chickpea is called Kabuli chana in Marathi. Chickpea is cultivated more in the Middle East and consumed more in form of hummus, falafel and more. Chickpea provides a lot of protein and energy.

I include in my food regime in form of salad and more. Many more recipe can be made with chickpea itself. My family is a bit picky about food, we three always have three different opinions and likings of food. I sometimes cook three different menus for the individual. But chickpea is in a few lists that everybody enjoys eating.

The salad is always my most liking topic and menu. It is a clean healthy option food which allows your stomach to get full and stay healthy. Let’s have a look in Marathi style chickpea salad.


1 Cup boiled chickpea strained. ( soaked overnight and boiled with salt to taste)

1/4 cup raw mango chopped in small cubes.

1/4 grated fresh coconut

chopped coriander to garnish.

2 tbsp moong dal(( split green gram) soaked for 1 hour.

the mustard seed for tempering

1 tsp vegetable oil.


  • Mix chopped raw mango, boiled chickpea and moong dal in a bowl.
  • In tempering spoon add oil, heat and pour mustard seed to crackle( tadka). Let the tadka cool.
  • Add to the mix of chickpea and garnish with grated coconut and coriander chopped leaves.
  • Salt not needed as chickpea has salt if less than can add later.


This salad can be made adding onion, tomatoes, and cucumber as well, but this recipe tastes good as simple it is.