Raw Banana Paratha


Parathas are generally the food consumed in North side of India. It is a specialty of Punjabi cuisine. It is made for breakfast and eaten with fresh curd/yogurt, some curry or gravy. It becomes a healthy and heavy meal. Parathas are offered with fresh homemade butter on it. Aloo Paratha is top in the list of Parathas.

I have made Raw Banana Paratha. This idea came into my mind as I made Kacchi Dabeli with Raw Banana and the stuffing was left over. I made Paratha with the same stuffing. I am giving tentative measurement needed.

Ingredient serving for two


2 Raw Banana (boiled, pressure cook, two whistles are fine)

11/2 tsp Kacchi Dabeli Masala.

1/4 tsp red chili powder

1/4 cup chopped coriander

salt to taste.


1 cup wheat flour

a pinch of salt


water to mix and make a dough

Oil for Roasting Parathas
Ghee to Apply on Paratha (optional)


  • Knead a dough mixing all the Dough ingredients. knead well to make a soft dough. Keep dough covered for 15 to 20 mins.  After 15/20 mins make equal size balls of the dough, around 3 to 4 balls are good enough.
  • Make equal portions of stuffing mixture as well, 2 raw banana mixture forms 4 equal portions. Make it according to enough stuffing needed to fit in the dough ball.
  • Roll a flat small circle of dough and fill stuffing on it, close the end of the circle dough and roll evenly to form Paratha. Nice, even and round.
  • Heat tawa (flat pan) and place Paratha on it, keep the flame medium. After 40 seconds (when it shows a white surface, check underneath the Paratha) flip the Paratha upside down and cook evenly, pressing with a spatula. Repeat flipping and now cook well the other side as well. Apply oil/ghee on both the side and serve with fresh butter on top.

Enjoy eating !!